Choosing Correct Acne scar Treatments

Choosing Correct Acne scar Treatments

Acne is a condition whereby the skin to become blocked and numerous spots begin to appear. Once the acne lesion has disappeared, a scar is usually left in its place. Acne scarring is often worse than the blackhead or whitehead before it as it has a more long term effect on the skin.

Acne can affect up to 80% of people in their teens and early twenties and is also found in a large number of adults. Adults in their 30’s and 40’s can also begin to suffer from a form of acne known as “late onset acne”. Acne being as common as it is means that there are numerous treatments available to help people that have been left with scarring. Choosing correct acne scar treatments will depend on the type of scar that you have been left with and how serious the scarring is.

Acne scar types

Choosing correct acne scar treatments can be helped by visiting a local GP or dermatologist; these professionals will be able to examine the skin and decide the best course of action.

There are commonly four types of scarring and each will require a different form of treatment. The first and one of the most common forms of scarring are known as ice pick scars. The appearance of ice pick scarring leaves the skin looking like it has puncture wounds. The scars are usually around 2mm in size and spread across the cheek.

Another common type of scarring is box car scarring; these scars are angular with sharp edges similar to that of chicken pox and can be both deep and shallow. Rolling scars are formed by damage that has occurred underneath the skin, the fact that they are shallow means that lesser costly procedures can be used.

The final type of acne scar is the hypertrophic scar; this form of scarring is formed usually as a result of serious lesions. They are lumpy and raised; however do decrease in size over time.

Different types of treatment

There are various different clinics and hospitals that can offer treatments, choosing correct acne scar treatments can be done by first undergoing a consultancy with a doctor at a clinic. Private clinics and hospitals tend to offer consultancies free of charge and they can be an excellent way not only to decide on the best kind of treatment, but to gain an understanding into acne.

You can also be helped in choosing correct acne scar treatments by visiting the internet. There are hundreds of thousands of websites that can go into detail on the cause of acne and how to remove scars.

If you are only suffering from mild scarring then it is possible that free homemade face masks can help to remove scarring. Face creams and low cost chemical peels may also be of help. If your scarring is more serious then opting for the punch technique which cuts away the scar could be the best option. Laser surgery is also a good form of treatment for permanently removing scarring.