Timescales of Acne scar Treatments

Timescales of Acne scar Treatments

Many of us take the upmost pride in our appearance and like to look our best at all times, having a skin problem can be a huge source of worry and embarrassment; acne scars are particularly stubborn and having them can lead to numerous psychological and social problems. Acne is widely thought to affect teenagers and those just out of the teenage years; many people don’t know that up to 50% of adults are also affected by acne. There are various treatments now available to aid in the treatment of acne scars and there are also hundreds of clinics right across the UK that can provide treatments.

Before deciding on a treatment

Finding a treatment for acne scars is likely to cost and top end treatment such as laser surgery can be extremely expensive. Not every sufferer of acne will require the same treatment; some people have milder scarring than others. For this reason it is wise to seek the help of a GP or dermatologist before going out and seeking a method of treatment on your own.

A dermatologist is someone that specialises in the treatment of skin and will be particularly beneficial in the treatment you opt for. The dermatologist will be able to determine the severity of the scarring and recommend the best form of treatment. You will also be able to discuss the timescales of acne scar treatments and how long before you can expect to see results in the fading of scars.

Chemical peel treatments

The use of a chemical peel is one that is popular with many acne scar sufferers; the results of this procedure can have a dramatic impact on the reduction of scars. A common form of peel which is used is a glycolic peel; glycolic acid has a small molecular structure that allows it to penetrate deep into the dermal layers of the skin. Timescales of acne scar treatments done in this way likely to be 6-12 peels before results are seen. The procedure causes no pain and takes only 30-45 minutes to complete. Glycolic peels are also recommended in combination with laser treatment to produce even better results.

Laser treatments

Using laser treatments to reduce and eliminate acne scars is something that is widely used across the world; there are hundreds of private clinics and hospitals in the UK that are able to provide laser treatment.

One common form of laser procedure used by clinics is laser light. The timescales of acne scar treatments when done in this way are excellent with results being shown almost immediately, it is likely that a several appointments will be arranged over two to four weeks for the full results to be shown.

Timescales of acne scar treatments using lasers are better than other treatments in terms of the best results in a shorter period, this is because of the laser which works to trick the skin into thinking that it is being damaged and causing it to produce collagen and elastin so that it heals itself.