What are Acne scar Treatments

What are Acne scar Treatments

Acne is a form of skin condition that can affect many people; one side effect of the condition is that, once the acne heals, the skin is often left scarred. The extent of scarring will differ with each person and some may require more extensive treatment than others. Acne scar treatments are widely available to treat even the worst forms of the disorder and are commonly carried out in homes and hospitals.

Many people who have been left scarred as the result of acne often ask “what are acne scar treatments?” People also like to know how treatments will apply to their form of acne.

Type of scarring as a result of acne

The simple answer to “what are acne scar treatments?” is that they are solution to rid the skin of the scars following acne. However, there are various different types of treatments and procedures that can be used to achieve this.

The first step in deciding what kind of treatment is best suited to the individual is to determine the type of scarring from which they are suffering. There are four different types of acne scars:


  • Ice pick scars- This form of scarring is one of the most common amongst acne sufferers. The name comes from the skins appearance of being punctured by an ice pick; the scars are deep pits across the skin, each less than 2mm.
  • Box car- This type of scarring is also common and resembles the appearance of chicken pox scars. Box car scarring is usually found on the cheeks and can be varied in depth, both shallow and deep.


  • Rolling scars- Caused by damage under the skin, rolling scars give the face a wave like appearance; they are not a deep as other forms of scarring but can be wide.
  • Hypertrophic scarring- Unlike other forms of scarring, hypertrophic scarring is raised and lumpy. This type of scarring is usually the result of more serious acne lesions and although they tend to affect the chest and back, they can also be found on the face and neck.

Treatments available for acne scars

There are various different methods that can be used help with scarring and give the answer to “what are acne scar treatments?” The first line of treatment that is used is face cream. In many cases a benzoyl peroxide based cream is enough to rid the skin of scars.

A chemical peel or dermabrasions are another form of treatment which involves removing a layer of skin from the affected area. A chemical peel does this with the use of a high potency acid which takes of the top layer of skin to leave a smoother scar-free surface; this is best used on mild forms of acne. Dermabrasions are rather more painful and involve the removal of skin through sanding. This procedure requires the use of general anaesthesia.

When asked “what are acne scar treatments?” many people will know about laser treatment. Lasers have long been the best form of procedure for the removal of scars and work by using thermal energy to heal the skin.